Monday, March 11, 2013

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Portfolio 2013
application for:
The Animation Workshop

Letter of Intention

I’m really excited for this year; I accomplished so much during the last time I applied. During my travels I realize how lucky I am for being so close to my dream study and the opportunities I have such as taking the 3D pro course among other things around the Animation Workshop.

I’m applying for the Computer Graphic Arts, I’m absolutely in love with concept art among the process of everything that follows in the 3D business.
I took the 3D pro course the winter of 2012, and I must say, It’s been the greatest experience I ever had so far, learned so much in so little time, and I feel my skills exploded in those 3 and half month. With no knowledge of 3D before, I especially learned that maya alone, it’s a never ending galaxy, and you have to find your ways to connect the dots along your path, that will bring your work forward and explore more and more of a never ending space and source of knowledge, to feel limitless, that’s what I feel when I sit down and start the day opening maya on my computer.
Not only that I learned 3D, I also learned to grow as a team player, receive feedback and give feedback among my classmates and teachers, and do weekly presentations helped me grow as a human and an artist.

I would love to be able to work on many different projects, games and film, small and big, and around the world, I would love to work with DICE in Sweden if that possibility will appear, but my main goal will be to work on concept art and 3D modeling/texturing/sculpting in USA or Canada, from that point my ambitions will grow forward to greater goals in the industry.

My source of inspiration and admiration holds many different aspects of a lot of work out there. Recently I’ve been looking a lot on Feng Zhu and Kekai Kotaki’s work, and many different TV series, as Game of thrones, the Walking dead etc. also going old school, back to Akira, Ghost in a shell and such work alike.

This is the third time applying for the Computer Graphic Arts line, and I hope I improved enough to enter this year. I also hope that you have no doubt that this is my absolute passion and dream, and my own motivation drives it.

For each year I failed to enter I have been traveling parts of the world alone for 3 month at the time, last summer I went to South America, in Venezuela and Peru, and the summer before to USA and Canada, and those adventures have been the greatest life lectures, eye opening experiences, and helped me to grow emotional and artistically.

Financially I will receive SU, and also I have 3 jobs on the side of my portfolio, I meanly work at the hospital which require an extreme responsibility,  and I still will be working forward to august on full time, so I am able to save up money for my studies.

You can watch my portfolio here:

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Contact Information:
Phone: +45 52 99 40 55
address: Foulumdalvej 10, formyre, 8830 tjele

Looking forward to hear from you,
Michael Euribe Hansen

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